Newethicsfornews blog open for discussion

5 Jul


We are going to start slowly with this new blog.

Things will pick up in mid-August as my new ethics class begins. But in the meantime, I have opened the blog to all my ethics students, past and future. Those who are interested can continue to discuss media ethics issues here.

Of course the blog is public and available to anyone else who has an interest in the topic.

But all of those who wish to participate must first register and with their real names and legitimate email addresses.

We will apply the same rules here that I apply in class: All views are welcome; this is a safe place for discussion. But all posters must be treated with respect. Try to view any issue from the perspective of those with whom you disagree. When we understand the values in conflict with our own, we can work to resolve the conflict and arrive at an ethically defensible decision.

As I say in class, ethics problems in the media world are rarely black and white. We often operate in shades of gray. It is possible for two different people, faced with precisely the same set of facts, to come to opposite decisions. And both may be ethically sound.

On this blog, we will be comfortable in a world of grays.

In my next post, I will note some interesting media ethics cases that have developed in just the few weeks since the end of my summer session class. Consider that an open thread for any comments you might have on those or other casdes currently in the news.





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