Muslim Rage?

18 Sep


We had a brief classroom discussion this morning on the “Muslim Rage” cover of Newsweek magazine this week. The cover strikes some critics as bordering on hate speech and/or as an effort to inflame anti-Muslim passions in the United States. Supporters will argue the cover is provocative, but an not-inaccurate depiction of recent events in the Middle East.

Of course, it is the latest in a string of controversial Newsweek covers laid at the foot of Newsweek/Daily Beast chief Tina Brown who is struggling to make the magazine relevant again.

What do you think? Is there an ethical dimension to the publish/don’t publish question confronting Newsweek editors? How would you frame that question and what values are in conflict? Would you publish?



One Response to “Muslim Rage?”

  1. Lindsey Treffry (@_LindseyTreffry) September 18, 2012 at 3:52 pm #

    I think an values question could be … do we confirm/use racial/religious stereotypes using our medium? I would not publish this, only because I know there are also peaceful rallies going on in the Middle East as well.

    This article here, gives really good context to somebody who understands both sides of the issue:….just-like-the-movie-should-not-repres … The author is a University of Bahrain English language student who studied at WSU this past summer.

    I would not publish this. I don’t think the paper is gaining anything, especially when the main writer of the article is known for his anti-Islamic opinion. Bad, bad decision there, Newsweek.

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